What Is The Difference Between 200 And 300 Yoga Teacher Training?

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What Is The Difference Between 200 And 300 Yoga Teacher Training?

Yoga is a spiritual disciple that emphasizes the union of the body and the mind. The ancient practice of yoga helps to build strength and awareness. Also, yoga is a mix of breathing exercises, poses, and asanas, to strengthen the muscles and make them more flexible. Yoga asanas are designed to relax the body and calm the mind.

Yoga has multiple benefits for a person like it prevents heart diseases, improves blood circulation, decreases pain, and enhances strength, muscle, flexibility and balance. Along with that, it enhances the blood circulation of the body by improving respiration, reducing stress and anxiety, enhancing the quality of sleep and treating depression.

What does yoga teacher certification mean?

Just like the Qualifications and certifications in other fields, there are some specific yoga certifications in yoga teacher training. The yoga alliance is a non-profit entity. They have the records of registered yoga teachers and schools. The registration of a yoga teacher means that a teacher has completed their yoga teacher training certification and they can teach yoga. For getting a yoga teacher certification, you need to study:

● Yoga poses

● Yoga philosophy and history

● Yoga lifestyle

● Human anatomy

● Physiology and psychology

● Methodology to teach yoga to others

● Practical learning

How to get a registered yoga teacher training certification?

A yoga teacher with a registered yoga teacher certificate is taught to lead a yoga class. For this purpose, there are two yoga registered yoga teacher certificates. So, there is an RYT-500 and the difference between these various Registered yoga certifications is the hours of their yoga training. You have two ways to complete an RYT 500:

1. Attend an RYT 500 school and get training

2. Get the RYT 200 certificate by completing 200 hours of classroom training and then the RYT-300 hour program.

In the second option, you can learn and explore gradually more complicated poses to master the program and learn complex yoga. As per the legal norms, there is no compulsion of a 200-hour RYT certificate to teach a yoga class. But, if you are going to take a job in yoga studios, many require yoga teachers to have a certification. However, you will find that most popular yoga teachers are not certified, because prominent yoga organizations began in the 1990s when there was no concept of yoga certification.

What Is The Difference Between 200 And 300 Yoga Teacher Training?

2oo hour Yoga Teacher Training– The 200 hour Yoga teacher training is a basic teacher training module. There a candidate has to complete 200 hours of training that includes basic yoga training to equip people with the required yoga skills and knowledge to teach other students. It includes yoga anatomy, physiology, practical training, meditation techniques, understanding of yoga poses and exercises, structuring of a class, yogic concepts and history of yoga. Any yoga practitioner above the age of 18 can take up this course with optional yoga practice for a year daily.

300 hour Yoga teacher training– The 300 hour Yoga teacher training is the second level of the training course. The individuals completing 200 hour Yoga teacher training are only eligible to take up the 300 hour Yoga teacher training. It is an advanced level of yoga teacher training with more difficult and complex yoga training for 300 hours. Candidates get a deep understanding and knowledge about advanced yoga poses, chanting bhajans, and advanced yoga concepts. Moreover, students even get to learn yoga philosophy, with advanced yoga anatomy and physiology.

The concept of the 500 hours of registered yoga training is a combination of 200 and 300-hour training modules. You can go for one single module or go for two separately. It covers teaching techniques, the competition of yoga class design and structure, in-depth yoga history and philosophy, understanding of yoga asana, poses, and other breathing exercises, Kirwan, Satsang, yogic diet and group discussion.

These Registered yoga courses are the way to become a qualified yoga teacher. Do you want to pursue a 200-hour or 300 hours Registered yoga teacher certificate? If yes, Drishti Yoga school situated in Rishikesh – the yoga capital of the world offers 200 hours of Yoga teacher training and 300 hours of Yoga teacher training to become a yoga teacher. They have comprehensive yoga courses, yoga alliances, and an affordable fee structure. Along with that you can learn the art of yoga in nature’s paradise from the best yoga educators around the world and get a recognized yoga teacher training certification to begin your journey as a yoga teacher. Along with that, it offers the best opportunity to strengthen your knowledge, understanding and practice of yoga as an individual too.

So why wait to enroll yourself in a yoga teacher training certification program? Register yourself at Drishti Yoga school and become a professional yoga teacher with the best training.

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