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Are you looking for Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh the origin of Yoga. Would you love to keep things authentic and in a pure traditional yogic lifestyle? Drishti Yoga School is the right place for you! With us, you learn all you need to know about yogic practice and live a sattvic life while enjoying a unique stay at the very heart of Yoga Capital Rishikesh.

Yoga is the power to design your lifestyle. Yoga is so much more than something you just “do”. Yoga is about experiencing a brand-new approach towards yourself, your body, your soul and your entire existence. With the yoga teacher training course, you will learn not only the different styles of yoga but also the way how to connect with the higher version of yourself and how to help others connect with their own in a journey of awareness, Yoga Practice, knowledge, and commitment. Our Yoga teacher training courses are approved by the Yoga Alliance, USA and strictly follow all the guidelines of the Yoga Alliance so you will have the chance to learn traditional techniques and strategies to boost your calmness, awareness, and health for your better soul, mind, and body while learning all you need to know about yoga.

Multi Style Course

Learn 7+ Subjects of Yoga with Free Sound Healing and Ayurveda Sessions.

Certified Instructors

Professional and Certified Yoga Instructors with Years of Experience.

Yoga Alliance Registered

Registered Yoga School from Yoga Alliance USA and Indian Government.

What will you learn during the Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh?
Yoga is a vast knowledge of wisdom. Our Yoga Teacher Training Program covers all the aspects of yoga and what it takes to become a world-class teacher. The courses are created to offer yoga student a look at more profound layers of yoga that boosts their confidence. All this will help in tackling unexpected situations that come our way in life. These courses are meant for those who believe in yoga and want to deepen their practice and for those who are looking for a yoga certification for becoming a Certified Instructor.

So, are you ready to enhance your yoga practice? Are you ready to become a certified yoga teacher to spread the word and the message of this ancient beautiful discipline? Enrol today for your Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh and change your life for good!

Yoga Teacher Training Review

Well well well “i dunno where to begin”. That’s was my feelings before writing this review but also before starting my yoga journey. This is the best place to get yoga experience.

They have best teachers and courses with anatomy philosophy meditation and not just aasan. You will fall in love with the school the faculty the place the Ganga and the Himalayas just like I did. 🪷🧘🏻🌷🪷🌻🏔️.

The best a yogi can ask for I must say. Loved each passing day in my 200 hour YTTC. One word to summarise it in Sanskrit is उत्कृष्ट which translates to best. 🩵✨


Student of 200hrs YTTC at Drishti Yoga School

Benefits of doing Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

A Yoga Teacher Training Program is a program that is designed for students or practitioners who wish to seek more knowledge about yoga in depth. We often tell ourselves that yoga teacher training is for flexible students or practitioners those who can do difficult postures look so effortless. Enrolling in a school would be like a decision to make. But enrolling in a good school that helps you with your growth is always a choice we should make.

What if those thoughts are keeping you from the experience of a lifetime, even if teaching yoga is not something that aspires? Let’s imagine when we come across like-minded people surrounded around us, sharing all the experiences one has endured in life and the journey of an individual in yoga. Isn’t there a Sense of satisfaction and your heart at ease knowing you aren’t alone? Need more…

  • 1. Inner Growth Inner Growth simply means becoming a better human being.

  • 2. Journey with Food A sattvic lifestyle with the knowledge of how food helps you in molding one’s body.

  • 3. Flexibility and Strength Our body is our treasure. Flexibility is when you perform a posture with the right alignment and move deeper with every exhale. You gain strength by enduring your body with the stretch of the muscle.

  • 4. Yogic Path A yogic path is different for each and every yogi on the journey. Your discovery of the path of bliss will allow you to indulge in a life of your choice. You discover your spiritual journey.

  • 5. Discipline You start to be a person with clear intentions and taught. You have now bestowed a routine for yourself that you intend to follow with joy.

  • 6. Relationships with yourself and others You start to notice that you need approval only from you nobody else. You start to understand your emotions much better, and you start to accept others the way they are.

  • 7. Seek and Share Knowledge is widened only when shared. Knowledge when gained on different styles of yoga as always, a touch of you when share with others.

Yoga Courses in Rishikesh

Select a yoga teacher training course according to your yoga practice

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Our Beginner 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, approved by Yoga Alliance USA, will advance your knowledge Of yoga, take you deeper into the many layers of yoga, build your confidence and help you find your voice.

Course Highlights:

  • 25 Days Accommodation & Food
  • Free Airport PickUp
  • 3 Adventure Excursions
  • Date: 1st-25th of every month

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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

This Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course Will Offer a Deeper Immersion in All of the Topics Covered in Your 300 hours of Yoga Training.

So get ready to explore this unparalleled and incredible yoga journey.

Course Highlights:

  • 28 Days Accommodation & Food
  • Free Airport PickUp
  • 3 Adventure Excursion
  • Date: 1st-28th of every month

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500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

This 500-Hour Yoga Course in Rishikesh India Qualifies Yoga Teachers to Get Certified with Yoga Alliance USA as an RYT 500, Which Allows Them to Teach Yoga Asana Anywhere in the World.

Course Highlights:

  • 58 Days Accommodation & Food
  • Free Airport PickUp
  • 4 Adventure Excursion
  • Date: 1st of every month

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Drishti Yoga School's Review

    Excursions and Activities During Yoga TTC

    Rishikesh is located in the foot hills of Himalaya’s and what makes the place more beautiful is the selfless Mother Ganga that flows through with spreading abundance of positive energy. The city is filled with breathtaking views and dense forest with waterfalls. The mountain and nature have a magic to your finishing touch.

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    • sunrise-trek
    • kunjapuri-devi-temple
    • ganga-aarti-in-rishikesh-india
    • Hiking Nature

    The Importance of Yoga

    The importance of Yoga in modern life has never been more in demand. The lifestyle of many has become fast, stressful, and overwhelming, leaving many people disconnected, unhealthy, and in a constant state of nervousness. Once again, Yoga is having a surge in popularity and is one of the best-known and most popular fitness practices. Its rich history and traditions have been known for centuries to benefit the body, mind, and sense of self.

    Yoga promotes the well-being of the body, mind, and spiritual self with a union of the body, breath, and mind. Today there is evidence that the fundamentals of your brain can be changed with Yoga. For example, someone suffering from a great deal of stress can practice Yoga, and over time will improve their ability to cope, improving their health, both physical and mental.

    Learning the art of Yoga and having a firm foundation to pass this gift of a fit and healthy body, a peaceful, balanced mind, and the ability to change life are given significant weight here at Drishti Yoga School. We will teach every aspect of Yoga to improve your life and give you the confidence to teach your students the gentle way to feel connected to a robust and healthy body and be mentally focussed and balanced in everyday modern life.

    Subjects Covered

    Our Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh India , Covers All Major Topics Such as:

    Discover the harmony of body and mind through Practice of traditional Hatha Yoga.


    Traditional Hatha

    Learn the traditional primary, intermediate series of Ashtanga Yoga with Sanskrit countings at Rishikesh India.


    Ashtanga Yoga

    In Vinyasa Yoga Flow you will learn how to bring the mind in a calm state with a help of 4 components: Asana, Ujjai, Bandha, Drishti.


    Vinyasa Yoga Flow

    Daily study and practice of postures and their alignment, anatomy and health benefits and effective teaching cues.

    Body alignment

    Alignment & Anatomy

    Learn different meditation techniques to be in the present moment and practice the watchfullness


    Meditation & Healing

    In this subject, we will teach you different breathing techniques and introduce you to the art of pranayama – breath expansion.


    Pranayama Practice

    Elevate your yoga practice and connect with others through dynamic poses near by the mother Ganga


    Acro Yoga Session

    You would obtain a way of growing deep, not just in your practice but also as an individual, increase your understanding of the spirit of yoga.


    Yoga Philosophy

    Why Drishti Yoga School?

    We Believe in the Most Traditional and Authentic Teachings of Yoga and That’s Why We Have Designed In-Depth and Well-Structured Yoga Courses to Help Grow Genuine, Fine and Skilful Yoga Teachers.
    • RYT and Certified Yoga Instructors with Years of Experience
    • Yoga Alliance International and Indian Government Authorized Yoga School
    • Our Main Approach Has the Ultimate Goal of Practicing Injury-Free Yoga
    • 24x7 Security
    • Intake of Only 10-15 Students in a Single Batch
    • Our Yoga Syllabus Is Approved by the Yoga Alliance
    • Life Time Support as You Transition to the Life of Yoga Teaching Professional
    • Multi Style Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh
    The Best is Waiting for you

    Know More About Drishti Yoga School

    Internationally recognized Yoga Alliance is the gold standard for Yoga Teacher Training Certification. We are USA Yoga Alliance certified, which is internationally recognized, giving you the ability to teach anywhere you wish with the knowledge to pass on a deep understanding of the peaceful, resilient, and spiritual mindset that we deliver in our Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India.

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    Meet Our Instructors
    Meet Our University-Qualified, Skilled, and Experienced Team of Yoga Teachers Who Will Deliver You a Memorable Experience in Rishikesh.

    Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh

    Why One Should Do a Yoga TTC in Rishikesh?

    Close your eyes for a minute and imagine yourself doing yoga or meditation, go deeper into your imagination and have a look at the surroundings of the place; What do you see? Most of the answers are silence with the beautiful view of green trees and mountains, a tranquil river, a green landscape, a place away from the crowd and in short, peace. Now, come back to reality and fly to Rishikesh. You will find your imagination true in this city. You will find a new level of energy, a new level of enjoyment here in the city which will rejuvenate and refresh you completely and make you feel proud of your decision of joining a Yoga in Rishikesh
    Rishikesh energy allows you to connect with like-minded souls from around the world who share passion for yoga and spiritual growth.

    why one should do yoga course in rishikesh?
    at Drishti Yoga School
    Yogic Food

    The school of Drishti follows the diet of a sattvic. A sattvic diet is being practiced for years by yogis. A sattvic diet is a preparation of food without using garlic and onions. Here at Drishti Yoga School, you build yourself to keep your emotions intact with the help of food. We offer a class on sattvic food preparation to carry on with your journey ahead.

    The following meals are included:

    • DYS Icon Breakfast
    • DYS Icon2 Lunch
    • DYS Icon3 Dinner
    • DYS Icon4 Drinks

    The following drinks are included:

    • DYS Icon5 Water
    • DYS Icon6 Tea
    • DYS Icon7 Detox juices

    The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

    • Vegetarian Food Vegetarian
    • Vegan Food Vegan
    • Gluten Free Food Gluten Free
    • Yogic Diet Yogic
    • Other Food Other dietary requirements on request
    • Food
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
    • Special Food


    Rishikesh is located in the lap of the Himalayas where many yogis have meditated over years. At Drishti, we offer our yogis to live a life of minimal and comfortable stay. Luxury is when we have the most comfortable home with good amenities and are surrounded by nature. We offer private rooms and shared room accommodation with a separate balcony with a view of the mountains.

    • Private-Room-DYS

      Private Room

    • Yoga-Hall-DYS

      Yoga Hall

    • Shared-room-DYS

      Shared Room

    • ashtanga-vinyasa-yoga-teacher-training-course-review
    • Review on Google

      My 25-day-long journey with Drishti Yoga School was an absolute bliss. I didn't miss home because it was a home itself. It felt like home the moment I arrived there. I couldn't pick my favourite teacher as they all were soo amazing and helpful and the coursemates I had, we became family in no time. And I really wanna appreciate the food particularly. If you are looking for a yoga school with its heart in the right place: don't hesitate and sign up at Drishti! I am really excited for my 300 hr with Drishti. Thank u. Namastey ❤️

    • Zdenek-Course-Review
    • Review on Tripadvisor

      I really loved my experience with you guys. I came for a 200h and left with so much knowledge and so much more to learn, as yoga is vast as the ocean. It is true that it feels like family, the teachers, the staff, if you open your heart you’ll receive a lot. They are always eager to help you. You’ll get a strong base of knowledge about ashtanga primary series, alignment, anatomy and vinyasa sequencing flow. Thank you for everything and I’ll come soon for some masala chai and more stretching !

    • 200-hour-yoga-teacher-training-in-india-Course-review
    • Review on Tripadvisor

      Can't describe this beautiful journey i had at drishti yoga school it's just amazing. the staff, the management , rooms and food and the teachers are damn so good in the school. 1000% RECOMMENDATION for this Loveful yoga school

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    • yoga-teacher-training-course-review
    • Recommendation us Facebook
      Karen Fulton

      I had the most amazing time in Rishikesh at Drishti Yoga School. From the moment i arrived at the school it felt like family. The teachers are all beautiful people who are very not only professional in and out of the class room but fun loving and caring. I learned so much about my yogic journey as well as myself and always felt like I was in safe hands. Because of this a close loving environment was created for all of us students and we became very close and formed many bonds that will stay with me for life. I’m stoked to have come away with my 200hr teacher training certificate, this has made me hungry for more and I will be back for my 300 hour. Thank you Drishti team and everyone else for everything you did. Much love for your amazing school🕉❤️🙏

    • yoga-teacher-training-course-review-by-duncant
    • Recommendation us Facebook
      Duncan Grant

      Unbelievably memorable experience. People make places and their staff certainly added to the experience. Now the foundations have been laid for my future career in yoga and hope others get to have this opportunity to experience this.

    • yoga-ttc-review
    • Recommendation us Facebook
      Zdeněk Ustohal

      Drishti is ONE LOVE. Spent there one of the best months of my life. Teachers are young and very skilled. Food is soo delicious❤️100% recommended

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    Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh FAQs

    Find answers to frequently asked questions about Yoga teacher training course

    A. No, you don't need to bring your yoga mat. You will get a yoga mat to practice and other yoga equipment during the course.
    A. You can apply for the eTourist Visa for 30 days.
    A. You can join our 200 hour yoga teacher training, as the course will take you from the beginner level to intermediate level.
    A. Yoga teacher training (YTT) is an intensive program focused on deepening understanding of yoga philosophy, asanas, and teaching methodology. It equips participants with skills to lead yoga classes safely and effectively, covering asanas, meditation, and ethical considerations. .
    A. Rishikesh is considered the yoga capital of the world and is renowned for its spiritual and serene environment, making it an ideal location for yoga teacher training.
    A. Yes, our Course include opportunities for students to practice teaching and receive feedback from experienced instructors.
    A.You can wear light and comfortable clothes to practice Yoga Asanas.
    A. It's important to research and compare different programs, read reviews, and consider factors such as the curriculum, instructors' credentials, location, and facilities before making a decision.
    A. Our Multi styles course includes Hatha, Ashtanga Primary series, and Vinyasa yoga flow
    A. Once you made the deposit, your deposit will be safe with us for one year. This means you can join our course any month.
    A. Yes, unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi is provided to all students all over the campus.
    A. Book a flight to Delhi, catch a domestic flight to Dehradun, and share your flight details with the school for pickup arrangements.
    A. The class size is 10-12 students, ensuring personalized and systematic teachings.