11 reasons to do your Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

yoga teacher training in rishikesh 2023

11 reasons to do your Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

A small town in the northern state of Uttarakhand, India; Rishikesh is known as the World Capital of Yoga. Nestled between the lush green mountains and holy river Ganges, Rishikesh is a perfect place for meditation and mind expansion.

It has been an attraction ever since the Beatles came to the ashram of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1968, but long before that saints, yogis and students have been visiting the place for ages to practice yoga, seek solace, and even attain enlightenment.

It is one of the holiest places for Hindus. That’s why sages and saints who have mastery in yogic arts have been visiting the city for thousands of years. Reputed yoga gurus and spiritual leaders like Guru Vashishtha, Adiguru Nilkantha, Swami Dayanad Saraswati, have chosen the place for spiritual practices.

As the world is getting better versed with yoga and its benefits, Rishikesh is becoming home for yoga enthusiasts from around the globe to learn and advance their yoga and meditation skills.

11 reasons to do Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

“Yoga not only just energizes the body but also helps in leading a better and healthy lifestyle”

Here are the 11 reasons to do Yoga teacher training in India:

1. A Yoga Retreat: A peaceful way to help you unwind, relax, and explore your inner self amidst the beauty of the Himalayas and the holy banks of the Ganges.

2. Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul: Experience how strong yoga with the pure environment can be on your mind, emotions, thoughts, and the way you see yourself, others, and things in your life.

3. Learn from the best: Highly renowned yoga gurus and practitioners learn and teach yoga in Rishikesh and a good yoga teacher is very important to help you discover yourself with the right techniques and methods.

4. Overwhelming Spiritual Energy: It is believed that the spiritual power of Rishikesh is raised on account of sacred river Ganges, which is like a mother goddess to Indians.

5. Nestled in the lap of nature: Located in the foothills of Himalayas, Rishikesh is home to lush greenery, pristine waters, and fresh air.


6. Unplug from daily life: With the presence of the holy river Ganges, the classic location of Rishikesh in the Himalayas, away from your hustle bustle of hectic city life; it is bound to bring out the best in you.

7. Experience the authentic yogic way of life: With simple lifestyle to follow, the disciplined routine of schools and ashrams which includes waking up early, meditate, practice yoga asana and eat simple, vegetarian food with least distractions, one can extract the maximum knowledge and learns to appreciate basic pleasures of life.

8. Connect to the divine: Thousands of yogis and gurus have spent their simplistic lives here and all of them have added to the energy of Rishikesh. With the power of yoga and spiritual vibes of the place, many have experienced the connection with the divine, the almighty of the Universe.

9. Hub of Yoga schools and ashrams: Because Rishikesh has such a rich yoga and spiritual heritage, it is home to some of the most reputed yoga schools and ashrams in India and all over the world.

10. Visa Friendly: Indian visa is relatively easy when you are travelling to the country to learn and practice yoga.

11. People from all over the world: Meeting new people from around the world with the same interest as yours gives you a new perspective, change the way you see things and you make friends for life.

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