7 Yoga Tips to Overcome Depression

Depression continues to affect the lives of people, making a constant impact on their daily encounters at school, work and while pursuing other general endeavors.

Research links the onset of depression to adversities, such as irritability, loss of self-esteem and self-worth, suicidal thoughts or contemplation, fidgety, lack of interest in previously fun activities and relationship issues caused by negative experiences such as sexual assaults, dejection, loss of a loved one, financial constraints, and substances, among others.

Consequently, different ways to manage depression continue to be devised. One of the preferred treatment models is yoga.

Research confirms the reliability of yoga as a treatment method for yoga, given that compared to other methods (such as medication), yoga does not pose any adverse side effects to the patient. Different yoga tips have been proposed to fight depression, as explained below.

1.       Meditation

Meditation helps the mind find the meaning of life by training it to get distracted from potentially harmful thoughts (such as worries) and replace these with calm and peaceful thoughts.

Depression is triggered by the heightening levels of the adrenalin hormone, which leads to stiff muscles, and strenuous thoughts.

Regular meditation practices help reduce the level of the stress hormone, which leads to a reduction of depressive symptoms and eventually cure to depression.

2.      Yoga asanas

Yoga asanas describe a variety of yoga poses which reduces depression symptoms, which helps reclaim a healthier body and mind. Asanas are known to assist the release of body tensions and negativities from the thought systems which are associated with the depression. Asanas yoga postures include   Dhanurasana (Bow Pose), Setubandhasana (Bridge Pose), Matsyasana (Fish Pose), Shirshasana (Headstand), among others.

3.      Thinking of one’s role to support others

Yogi’s believe that stress and depression are mainly as a result of selfish thoughts, such as always worrying about what will happen to ‘me’.

On the contrary, having broader thoughts, such as how ‘my’ actions will impact others and how ‘I’ or ‘we’ can be of use to others will provide an empathetic mindset, important for sustaining a healthy mind, free of vulnerabilities to mental health illnesses, including depression.

Such thoughts and deeds create opportunities for joy and satisfaction, as one watches others glow through his/her actions, which may help heal depressive symptoms.

4.      Remembering a past situation when one successfully overcame depression

The positive thoughts help raise or increase courage that one indeed possesses the unlimited capability to overcome the current situation. It’s important to always remind oneself of this capability, especially during yoga sessions.

5.      Recognizing the impermanence of every situation and the general world

Setting the mind to acknowledge that every encounter around the world is temporary helps relax from an intense encounter and get easily settled. When we remind ourselves of this principle of life, the feeling and understanding that even the current situation will end free us from undergoing a stressful stretch, and depressive encounter.

6.      Applying the yoga principles

The yoga principles describe two simple, but profound secrets to a joyful and healthy life. The first of these principles is niyama, which describes self-disciplines such as contentment, nutritious feeding, empathy, and other ethical principles.

The yamas describe social restraints, which help care and not create an adverse living environment for others. Applying these principles helps in living a healthy lifestyle helps overcome mental illnesses such as depression.

7.      Maintaining positive companies

The company is very important in the advent of depression. The company affects one’s attitudes, lines of thoughts and impressions on experiences.

Spending yoga sessions and other general life endeavors in the company of positive-minded, optimistic people may speed up the process of healing, and reduce the odds of onset of depression.

Positive company will breed positive thoughts; improve relaxation abilities, joyfulness and inner peace, which improves one’s ability to confront depressing incidences.

Depression is a critical mental health illness that may cause significant suffering if not managed at its onset, before reaching critical levels.

The above seven yoga tips are essential when overcoming depression and its health impacts. When regularly kept in practice in at least ten yoga sessions, significant changes will be achieved.

The practice of the above yoga tips is also essential for overcoming severe life experiences such as dejection, sad experiences, crises among others, which may trigger mental suffering, manifesting in terms of stress, anxiety or depression.

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