How to practice self love with yoga

Yoga is a wonderful discipline to practice self-love- But how can we do that? Here comes a list of all the steps we should follow to be more rooted in the present moment, more committed to practising a little bit of TLC (Tender Love Caring) towards ourselves and show some well-deserved loving caring gestures for a better relationship with our inner self and others. So let’s find out together how to practice self-love with yoga.

  1. Develop a positive attitude

We talk a lot about this subject but never before has science shown us how thoughts interact with matter. Our thoughts influence ourselves and the reality around us and this bond are very close, so you can understand how important it is to be able to develop a positive inner attitude to positively influence our lives. Controlling one’s mind, instead of being a slave to it, is important. As a first step, you should understand that energy goes where you put your attention, learning to “shift” attention from one thought to another is the first step.

Positive thoughts will come by themselves as you work inwardly. The less space you will give to your fears, the more you will get used to controlling your mind and creating conscious thoughts, of a higher frequency.

Develop a superior thought pattern, consider your practice as a journey, an explorative journey into the deepest parts of your soul, bring them out and let them shine… without any fear, being positive about who you are and what you have here and now and reconnect to the most authentic part of you.

  1. Let go of what you no longer serve you

The people you attract into your life are those that “vibrate” at your own frequency, with which you come into resonance and which you “need” at that moment. But nothing is forever, so are the people who come and go from our lives. When it happens, you can let go of people or situations that can no longer be part of your life, without guilt or suffering. When you change, people and situations around you also change. Let it be so, do not cling to anything, neither to things nor to people. Okay so, accept it, go with the flow.

  1. Give up on guilt

How many times do we accuse ourselves or feel judged by others? We must free ourselves from the guilt that emerges when we fall into the traps of the mind. Even if you think you have a fault, you can manage to forgive yourself and develop more self-respect and self-esteem by trying to transcend the ego. That’s what yoga is really about. Estimate and be able to understand that everything is perfect as it is, is a great leap forward to be able to feel good about yourself. What others think should not interest you, the important thing is what you think of yourself. Don’t feel judged, rather understand that you are going well as you are!

  1. Give up judgment

Giving up judgment on others and on oneself is essential, judging you are simply complaining about something that is not good for you. Try to accept the things you can’t change and focus on your inner change. If you don’t like a situation and you can’t change it, don’t damn your soul by obstinately attacking you, but try to understand why that situation has entered your life and works on what happens inside. Remember that when you point a finger you have three more pointed towards you!


  1. Develop gratitude

Gratitude is one of the best ways to access joy and abundance in our lives. We are often distracted by what we do not like in our lives and we do not pay attention to small (or large) things to be thankful for every day. When we develop a sense of deep gratitude, life does nothing but propose opportunities for us to be even more grateful. Try to experience it in your life. What you come back from!

And remember that YOU ARE ALIVE!


  1. Find out who you really are

Reconnecting with yourself is a fundamental step to regaining your power, but first, you have to find out who you really are and take responsibility for your life. Try to meditate to discover inwardly the deepest parts of yourself, all you are looking for is inside you. Discover your mission in life, that purpose that makes you feel fulfilled, happy, full of enthusiasm, in deep contact with life. Being comfortable with yourself is perhaps this: being the best version of yourself and never holding back from shining and spreading your light into the universe.

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