Engage in learning alongside skilled instructors in fields such as yoga therapy, anatomy, meditation, and beyond.

Rohit Ji

Pranayama and Alignment

Rohit ji first came to yoga for the physical benefits hoping to get flexible and become more fit. As his body became stronger and healthier, he soon discovered that his yoga mat was a place to find a sense of self awareness and mind body connection. As a Yoga teacher, Rohit realizes that every person is on a different path. He tries to offer his students the opportunity to take that path in their own way at their own pace, to modify when needed and to honor how they feel at all times.

He has been teaching yoga for almost 10+ Year. He finds immense joy, satisfaction and inspiration in seeing students discover their own personal yoga journey and hopes to nurture and encourage them along their way.

Ashish Ji

Yoga Anatomy

Ashish is a passionate yoga teacher dedicated to enhancing the understanding of yoga anatomy and its integration into the yoga practice. With over a decade of experience in both practicing and teaching yoga, ashish brings a unique blend of expertise in anatomy, physiology to his classes.

His teaching style is characterized by a deep understanding of biomechanics and body alignment principles. He seamlessly combines his knowledge of yoga anatomy with traditional yoga practices, offering his students a comprehensive understanding of how the body moves and functions in each yoga posture. His classes focus on cultivating proper alignment, and mindful movement to promote both physical and mental well-being.

Ritu Ji


Ritu Ji is a professionally qualified and experienced Meditation teacher who has completed a Bachelors's in yoga therapy from Svyasa University. She is a certified 200 and 500 hours Certified yoga teacher. She teaches different techniques of practicing meditation and How to calm the mind, body, and soul.

She Believes in sharing knowledge clearly and concisely with real-life examples and stories. Ritu ji dedication to Mindfulness education and her commitment to spreading the joy of yoga make her a respected figure in the yoga community. Through her teachings, she inspires her students to deepen their practice, cultivate self-awareness, and live with greater vitality and purpose.

Deepa Ji


Deepa ji is a dedicated yoga teacher with a profound expertise in teaching Ashtanga Yoga. Born and raised in the vibrant cultural landscape Rishikesh India, Her journey into yoga began at a young age. Her passion for yoga blossomed as she got introtuced into the practice of Ashtanga.

She is also a dedicated practitioner, maintaining a disciplined daily practice that serves as the foundation of her teaching. Through her compassionate guidance and dedication to the Yoga practice, she invites students to embark on a journey of self-discovery and awakening, ultimately leading them towards a life of greater balance and inner peace.

Pankaj Ji

Vinyasa Flow

Pankaj ji Born and brought up in Rishikesh is a devoted student and teacher of yoga who discovered the profound transformational power of Vinyasa yoga in 2014. For the past 10 years, he has immersed himself in the study of movement and strength, becoming a dedicated student in his pursuit of a mindful and embodied practice. He has dedicated himself to guiding and supporting others on their own yoga journeys, sharing the profound benefits he himself has experienced.

With a gentle yet empowering approach, Pankaj encourages his students to embrace their unique journeys, honoring their bodies and minds with compassion and acceptance. He believes that yoga is not just a physical practice but a holistic path that can bring balance, resilience, and joy to everyday life.

Kalpender Ji

Yoga Philosophy

Kalpendra Ji has a masters degree from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University (Haridwar) and a post-graduate diploma in Yoga and Holistic Health from HNB Garhwal University. His practice of Yoga expands to more than 20 years many of these spent in ashrams.

He guides you in the understanding of spiritual energy by challenging the way we have built the physical universe and inviting us to dissolve the barriers that prevent us from seeing what is within us.